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Therapists Mentoring Workshop

This practical based workshop is ideal for therapists who would like to gain more clients, and for those who want to get a good balance between work and life.

Once enrolled onto the workshop, you will receive a work-pack which will contain a marketing plan template which you can complete, and we will work through on the day.

You will also have the opportunity to go through your website and social media pages to see how they are performing and get advice on how to improve them.  If you do not have a website or social media presence this will also be covered on the workshop.

Another thing we will be covering is how to interact with your current clients to use them as your sales team, how to reduce ‘no-shows’ and cancellations, and when and how to increase your prices.

A working lunch will be provided, as this will be a packed practical day!

Who should book this workshop?     It has been developed for therapists, coaches and personal trainers, and it will also be useful for clinic managers and owners.

Who is the workshop creator and tutor?   The workshop has been developed and will be run by Richard Johnson. Richard has over 25 years’ experience working in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry. As well as founding several now long-established companies and organisations, he does consultancy, coaching and mentoring across the wider industries. To ensure his own success, Richard spends over £40k per year on his own coaching, mentoring and training, with some of the worlds leading coaches, so you can be assured that the training you get on this workshop will be world-class and designed especially for you to benefit from.

Venue: Manchester City Centre

Date; 30th March 2019. 9.45/10.00 to 4.30


9.45. Registration and Coffee

10.00. Introductions – how to clearly define who you are and what you are offering. Theory and practical.

10.45. Are you working SMARTer? How to get a better work/life balance. Theory and practical.

11.30. Empty appointment slots? How to increase your clients and fill your empty slots.

12.00. How to increase your profits. Theory and practical.

12.30. Marketing plans, why we all need them, and how to write a perfect one.

1.00. Working lunch.

1.30. Marketing plans – practical session.

2.00. How to stand out on Social Media, and what is the truth about algorithms. Theory and practical.

2.30. What is your expertise and how can you showcase it? Theory and practical.

3.15. Working with other professionals and referrals.

3.45. Q&A.

4.15. Who are you? Practical.

4.30. Close.

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